About OEM codes

The OEM Code or Own Equipment Manufacturer Code is a 16-bit number that uniquely identifies an Art-Net product. OEM Codes are administered by Artistic Licence.

The OEM Code is usually expressed as a 16-bit hexadecimal number, pre-pended with ‘0x’. For example: 0xabcd

The hexadecimal format is also written with a subscript 16: abcd16

It can also be expressed as two decimal numbers separated by a hyphen. For example: 171-205

These two formats are interchangeable as hexadecimal 0xab is decimal 171 and hexadecimal 0xcd is decimal 205.

ESTA manufacturer codes

If you are trying to apply for an ESTA Manufacturer code, you are in the wrong place. Please see this link.

OEM code listing

All the data contained in the table below is available as a source code file (.h format).
This is installed as part of the SDK with DMX-Workshop.
The include file name is: Art-NetOemCodes.h and it is locally installed here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Singularity\DMX-Workshop\SDK\include

2024-06-28 OEM Codes