ArtSync Packet Definition

For an introduction to ArtSync, please refer to Streaming Packets.

ArtSync – Packet Definition

artsync tab1


The ID field is 8 bytes in length and contains the null terminated string of ASCII characters:

                A r t – N e t

The purpose of the field is to identify the packet as an Art-Net protocol packet. All Art-Net packets start with this field. Receivers must check this field is correct and discard the packet if it is not.


The OpCode field is a 16-bit word transmitted low byte first. The OpCode identifies the packet type. In the ArtSync packet this field is set to ‘OpSync’.


The ProtVer field is a 16-bit word transmitted high byte first. It identifies the version of the Art-Net protocol. The protocol version is not related to Art-Net 1, II, 3 or 4. Only one protocol version has ever existed in production equipment which is 1410. Receivers should use the following good packet test:

                 ProtVer >= 14

The ProtVer may be increased in a future releases to identify significant functionality changes.


The two Aux fields are for future expansion and must be transmitted as zero.

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