Packet Summary

Packet Summary

This section details all the Art-Net OpCodes.

OpCodes are a 16-bit enumeration that defines the Art-Net packet type. The OpCode and the related packet are prefixed with ‘Op’ or ‘Art’ respectively. Thus the OpCode OpPoll is used in the packet ArtPoll.

Device Discovery Packets

Device discovery packets are used to allow the network controller to discover all Art-Net devices attached to the network.

Device Configuration Packets

Device configuration packets are used to configure discovered Art-Net devices.

Streaming Control Packets

Streaming control packets are the core of Art-Net and allow real-time channel based control data to be streamed over the network.

RDM Packets

RDM packets are used to discover which RDM devices are connected to which Art-Net nodes and then to control them.

Time-Keeping Packets

Time-keeping packets are used to synchronise Art-Net devices across the network.

Triggering Packets

Triggering packets allow Art-Net devices to trigger macro events in each other.

Diagnostics Packets

Diagnostics packets are used to send diagnostic information over the network to be logged by software such as DMX-Workshop.

File Transfer Packets

File transfer packets are used to upload new firmware to devices and also for the transfer of data files between controllers and nodes.

Deprecated Packets

This category includes packet definitions that while still legal are no longer in common use.

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